Pollution of Medetska River in Bulgaria

The river Medetska in Sredna Gora Mountain, Bulgaria, is passing near the facilities of the closed state-owned cooper mine MOK Medet. Pollution of the river with cooper and manganese coming from the closed mine has been recorded and reported. These metals are dangerous for river biodiversity and public health.

So far, there are no cleaning facilities or mechanisms to treat polluted waters of Medetska river. There are plans for such facilities since many years, but the Government of Bulgaria does not provide financing for their construction. As such pollution goes to Maritza river, through Topolniza river, and then reaches Turkey and Greece.


What measures does the Commission consider to take in order to ensure the compliance of the Bulgarian Government with the Community Legislation (notably Directive 2006/21 on the management of waste from the extractive industries and the Water Framework Directive 2000/60), especially regarding the prevention of pollution of the Medetska River which trough the Topolniza and Maritza rivers flows to the Thracian lowland in Bulgaria and to Turkey and Greece?


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